Green Technology Global announces expansion of Customized Solutions Offerings featuring 21st Century Hydroponic Urban Farms employing advanced methodologies that encompass above ground drip irrigation independent of ground soil to increase crop
yield producing organic, healthy, tasty vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, herbs and ornamental flowers with
Zero Impact on the Environment.

Under the banner Greenfield Hydroponics Global
GTG is co-branding complementary
Hydroponic Technologies that feature
TAPKIT horizontal grow trays for leafy greens and
herbs and GHG vertical towers and channels for
Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers.

Urban Farming is environmentally-friendly, conserves water and can be readily placed on top of contaminated Brownfields
returning real estate to healthy use. Rust belt abandoned
buildings can now be converted to Urban Farms that produce organic, healthy and tasty produce.

Placing these Hydroponic Systems within the radius of
consumption reduces transportation costs and expensive spoilage.

TAPKIT SYSTEMS are ideal for cold climates and scalable in size from a 6,000SF temp controlled greenhouse
to multiple acres of above-ground controlled-growth space.

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Greenfield Hydroponics Systems can be installed as a Turnkey Greenhouse solution or can be placed in
repurposed buildings or malls

under controlled-atmospheric conditions
ideal for cultivating fruits, vegetables and flowers in
Vertical Hydroponic trays.

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FODDER for Horses, Cows and Swine

Fodder will promote an extremely healthy and active digestive system in general for both ruminants and monogastric
livestock, and improve the nutrient utilization
of all other foods in the diet at the same time.
FVH will allow you to raise the energy levels of diets without
adding loads of starch. This will decrease
nutrient stress make diets safer and promote
higher overall levels of animal health and performance. FVH is a great ration conditioner that removes dust from most diets
and improves mixability and palatability in almost every situation.

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