Enjoy Fresh Drinking Water On-Demand at Home
for less than 5 cents per glass
Place the AWG in your kitchen, family room or basement.

and Take your Fresh Drinking Water Anywhere!

Military, RVs & Mobile Homes,
Construction Sites, Sporting Events, Camping  

Click here to Download the GTG 80L
Portable Unit Technical Specs



80L Luggable

80L Portable

80L Side View

21st Century Green Technology provides renewable and sustainable fresh
drinking water daily without impact on the environment or reliance on
existing water resources. Our Proprietary Multi-stage Filtration System
intakes air from the atmosphere to create water that is pure of
contaminants & impurities (bacteria, dust, viruses) and is great tasting
pure and healthy.

Features and Benefits

*Produces Fresh Drinking Water that meets or exceeds
World Health Organization (WHO) standards 

*Plugs into in-house ON-Grid Electrical outlets

*Can be powered via Off-Grid solar energy

*Easy user-friendly replacement filters

*Leverages Green Technology that eliminates dependence
on municipal pipe infrastructure

*Eliminates the use of plastic water bottles

*Mitigates transportation costs; fresh drinking water is produced
daily as a renewable resource soley from the atmosphere

*Greatly reduces cost of liters/gallons

*Enables Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) of Capital Costs