When disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and fire strike, victims experience loss of shelter, electricity and fresh water

Rapid Response Teams comprise local First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS) support from medical facilities and in some cases County, State and Federal resources (US Army, FEMA, etc.).

Green Technology Global has crafted protocols with Emergency Services to provide Water from air Atmospheric Water Generators that can be staged in depots and rapidly dispatched to the area impacted. These emergency units can independently produce water derived solely from the Atmosphere and provide Pure, Fresh, Healthy and Tasty Drinking water until municipal services can be restored.

Smaller sized units can be mounted on vehicles to ensure access where roads have been impacted.


Victims can be provided with GTG 80L Residential Units that are plug and play for use in temporary structures until rebuilding can occur.

For further technical information, please contact our Marketing Department at amo@GreenTechnologyGlobal.com Green Technology Global is GSA listed Registration# 117227986 Cage Code 8FPK2