Gain independence from fossil fuels that damage
the environment by causing pollution of air and
existing water resources.

Green Technology Global provides a 360 Ecosystem
that produces Fresh Drinking Water from the Atmosphere
powered by 100% Clean Power when you need it most.

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Custom Design Projects Welcome
Single Locations, Campus or Municipal





Leverage two converged technologies with
Net Zero Impact on the environment:

GTG Atmospheric Water Generator
Water from Air units

Fresh Drinking Water Renewable Daily

Fully Independent of existing water resources

Eliminates the use of plastic bottles

Mitigates transportation costs to haul water

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Powered by 100% Green Energy
Clean Power Generators

30% Ethanol/70% Water Mixture

Extremely High Torque

Cost efficient/Performance efficient

Scalable to any size

Automatic Standby and
Prime Power Generators
20KWH, 40KWH, 150KWH

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