Atmospheric Water Generators
installed at Point of Use room locations
produce Fresh Drinking Water Daily.

These appliances eliminate inventory logistics
required to source, order, receive
and deliver bottled water to each room daily
with zero impact on the environment
thereby maximizing
staff labor and reducing costs.   

Enhance your Guest Services and Amenities
by making a Positive Statement regarding
protecting the environment.

At check-in, furnish a reusable, non-plastic water bottle
as a keepsake. When a guest enters the room
they will see an attractive Atmospheric Water
Generator that produces Fresh, Tasty and 
Healthy Drinking Water processed through a
7-stage filtration process. The appliance
features both hot water for brewing tea, coffee
or soup in-room and cold, healthy, tasty and
refreshing water for hydration.


Safe, Healthy and Tasty Fresh Drinking water fully independent
of tainted existing water resources 

Click here to download the GTG Independent
Water Purity Test Report.

Produces Fresh Drinking Water that meets or exceeds
World Health Organization (WHO) standards. 

Plug & Play; No assembly required

Can be powered via Clean Energy Generators or Off-Grid 

Easy user-friendly replacement filters 

Leverages Green Technology that eliminates dependence on
municipal pipe infrastructure 

Eliminates the use of plastic water bottles 

Mitigates transportation costs; fresh drinking water is produced
daily as a renewable resource soley from the atmosphere 

Greatly reduces cost of gallons or liters

Enables Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) of Capital Costs

Lease to Purchase Options are available to mitigate
CAPEX investment
Contact Marketing for details